Clearing Templates

Twin Flames are here to clear certain templates that have created a polarity between the masculine and feminine energy all throughout history for decades.

Some of these templates may include cultural differences, races, and religions which has a great impact on the history of this planet. The reason for the wars and recurring non-peace on our planet are these patterns that people follow without questioning.

Another polarity may come from age differences and abilities between man and woman in general. Women are largely overlooked about their functional abilities and also the spiritual abilities are buried underground by men.

These are the general templates that we all know that twin flames are here to saturate however there are other templates unique to twin flames couples separately such as abuse, harassment, and violence.

So if you have an abuse in the past from your parents or sibling or any other biological family related abuse, coming from your ancestral line, you and your twin flame are here to clear these templates from all of your soul lines. This is why family constellation and awareness are two important subjects related to the mission.

Twin flames are here to clear templates around marriage, betrayal, lust, and jealousy. These are the subjects you are going to be tested. To be able to pass these test, you should eliminate the negative side of these elements and any cultural pattern attached to it. Twin flames are not here to enhance these elements, on the contrary, to put an end to this traditional relationship issues between man and woman and I can see almost all of you fall into the trap of marriage and its invented procedures.

Twin flames are also here to change the energy of the environment that they emanate. By putting out their light into the waves of the universe around them, they create a divine justice and the best expression and reflection of god itself. We are here to be an example to this society and to take the leadership roles to make the necessary changes on this planet.

Being a twin flame is about the mission and it’s not about finding a mate on a dating site.




Mirror Effect in Twin Flame Relationships

In this article, I would like to explain “the mirror effect” from different perspectives in twin flame relationships.

In the simplest form, mirror effect is the reflection of your persona/soul upon your twin flame. This reflection may take the form of thought, behaviors and actual happenings depending on the intensity of your projection.

If you are thinking of going to a park, at the same time your twin may suggest you, go to a park together, mirroring your thought against her/his thoughts. If you grab the coffee to drink it, your twin flame may grab hers/his exactly the same instant, mirroring your action/need. Or if you get angry with your twin flame when you are not even talking, he or she might act like defensive and say something all of a sudden.

In the first example we see an act of mirroring as a mimicking but in the second one is the mirror effect as an action/reaction.

Another side of the mirror effect is when we find our twin flame actualizing our deepest fears, they are doing it so you can actually face them, this is a way of healing but this does not mean that you have to put up with abusive behaviors.

Whatever you see in your twin flame as a fault or whatever you see in them as a mistake or whatever you truly criticize in them is exactly, I repeat, “exactly” who you are. But maybe the mirror effect is hidden from you here, you only see the back of the mirror where your counterpart sees the whole mirror.

Twin Flames are eternal mirrors to one another, like to mirrors facing each other repeats the object on the mirror indefinitely, you will too. You will indefinitely project the different versions of yourself on a mirror called “your twin flame” and the more you collect the parts of your soul, the more you become true to yourself.





Trusting in your twin flame journey, trusting in yourself and on top of that trusting in your counterpart is the key for twin flame union.

Trust is the basis of any relationship, however, I know most of you fall into the trap of hopelessness. Do not hesitate about your twin flame journey. Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine will come to you in their own terms at the right time and place and you may not determine what is the best for yourself all the time.

The basic point here is to surrender, surrender to our twin flame journey, surrender to your inner transformation, you are becoming twin flames with your counterpart each and every day. You are one and the love you share is permanent.

Trust your counterpart that they are doing their best, trust your counterpart that they will never hurt you on purpose, trust your counterpart that they will come back to you over and over again

Trust that your twin flame will find you before you find them.


Mira and El

Twin Flame Nutrition 1

Nutrition is very important in a twin flames life. We are different as a soul, so different in our body as well. I do not have a profession on this subject but I would like to share with you the experience I have with my nutrition facts and my body. If it resonates with you, you are welcome. This could apply to twin flames as a whole.

1- Frequency: This is very important that you should avoid eating for hours from big plates. Divide your meal into small portions and eat frequently. If you are on a healing process your energies could be depleted easily. If you eat every 2 Or 3 hours on small portions you would not go crazy for carbs and sugar immediately.

2-Energy: Eat as much as raw food as possible. The foods that are exposed to sunlight and grow on the surface of planet earth helps you a lot. If you eat food that gives you the pure energy you will have fewer mood swings on your twin flame journey.

3-Grounding: If you are a higher dimensional twin flame then to be able to ground your energies on earth will take longer. To ground more easily you can choose from a spread of raw food developing under the ground like potatoes, carrot, onion, celery etc.

4- Ascension: if you are in an ascension process eat less and light. Do not go for red meat and heavy stuff. Eat white meat and especially seafood and raw veggies.

5- Teeth: Don’t forget the teeth…Please choose raw and hard foods for your teeth. You need a chewing power so grab an apple or a carrot and bite. Raw vegetables and fruits are good for twin flames and any other higher dimensional beings. You can also try nuts.

6- Liquids: Do not go for canned drinks if possible chose bottled drinks. If you can drink 2 liters of water in a day would be enough if you can not drink at least one. Use fresh filtered water or spring water. If you forget drinking set up a timer. Avoid too much coffee or tea that will make your energetic metabolism to imbalance.

Have a great day…