Twin Flame Soul Growth Journey

As time passes, we all evolve within given time frames. Everything is subject to change. This includes us, as human beings, on this rapidly changing planet.

You might be considering the twin flame journey as an end, however, every end is a new beginning. In fact, this journey is your ticket to heaven, your ticket to becoming your true self.

At the start of your journey, you have long forgotten your original self and the things you are capable of. You have been awakened by your twin flame who is only a reflection of who you are. Maybe you like this awakening, maybe you don’t,  but at the end, you have been  awaken to your true identity which is an image and reflection of your creator.

You might think that the journey ends somewhere, however it does not. There is no end to God’s creation. On the contrary,  we are the ones who is limited … God is eternal…

So when you think that you had enough of this world, open yourself to a new world… ascend to another realm. All is endless but remember you are the one who chooses your reality. Do not blame your creator…

Mira and El

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