Coming out of Darkness is crucial for Twin Flame journey, however when you are about the exit some energies may want you to stay in the darkness. These energies might use any kind of black manipulation, people around you and the things you care and dare the most.

Beware of the coming tide of elimination. Those who would not ascend will be eliminated from this journey. I don’t wanna sound like a bad news person but I am just a messenger even the message itself.

My Dear Twin Flame Friends, you projected your own darkness into people around you and thought that it’s theirs but actually IT WAS YOU.RS. You have come to see yourself to this existence and to this world, but because of the light we projected on you now you can see it clearly.

The thing you see is yourself and no other. You look others and see yourself, good or bad. This is the curse, this is the present. BOTH are the same. But the real question is WHO ARE YOU? ………………WHO AM I? is the question you should ask. How do you define yourself. Choose so you could be chosen.


Mira and EL

We are the ONE

Everybody on this earth are entitled to find the “one” even the ones that claim they are not looking for it at all.

On this journey of twin flames if you are refering to the other as “the one” , then you have a long way to go. You will stay as a catalyst for the rest of your life.

Interdependency is the key in twin flame relationships. Compared to dependant relations twin flame connection isnt the one you can depend on, is it?

Now wake up to your divinity now wake up to who you are before this earth plane now wake up.

So you can be paired.

And when that happens, dont forget to declare to this existance “We are the ONE”


Keeping your authenticity in TF relationships

Keeping your authentic self healthy and clean is very important in TF journey. For this reason l would like to give you few tips about how to be authentic when you are in a relationship with your twin flame.

First tip is getting rid of all the personas that are attached to you since your childhood. That is why twin flame journey is relatively painful and full of suffering. It is hard to get rid of the old structure that was there for a very very long time. Getting rid of the personas and peeling the layers of your identity can take some time that is why tf journey is a long one to take. But since you are assigned for it you are good to go.

The second tip is not to cross the bridge all over when you are in a relationship with your twin flame; let’s meet in the middle, shall we; should be your motto. If you cross the bridge to meet her/him, the relationship will turn into a power game and loose its authenticity too. Keeping your personal borders and addressing your personal needs are necessary in tf relationships like all other relationships. But in this one you need to be careful which one is which. Are you the one addressing your needs or are you addressing your twin flame’s needs and thinking that they are yours.

The third tip is about not being effected by your twin flames mental and physical conditions and I believe this is the hardest part. That is why we  need a separation  phase in twin flame relationships. You need to be in your own self while keeping the journey of the same soul. This is quite tricky and understanding this takes a lot of time. You and your twin flame holds the same soul in two different bodies and sometimes even this same soul reflects itself to both of the bodies at the same time. For example if your twin flame is put in ER for some reason you might feel the same symptoms as if you are having the same issue. This is the mysterious part in tf relationships.

Nevertheless ENJOY your relationship as it is and try to stay calm whatever comes to your way.  Be confident in responding to the life itself.

Mira and EL

Cloudy Perceptions of TF Relationships

The worse thing that can happen in a tf relationship is not being separated or being left alone, this is a crucial part of the process. However, the worst thing that can happen is your perception being clouded by your false thought patterns. This can lead to personality disorders and insanity.

That is why we are here, doing this job. We are here to guide you and help you through this process. Because it is hard to see this objectively while you are living in it. Keep your consciousness clean and your perception crystal clear. See this man/woman for who he/she truly is. Do not try to pursue your needs and wants to this person. This is the most important part in TF relationship so you are not caught in an illusion or obsession.

Do not make assumptions or contemplate after his/her behaviors, do not roll the conversations or text messages in your mind. Just let it be.

Your twin flame is not the person you dreamed of since childhood on the contrary your twin flame is you. They are mirroring you to you. To see this for what it is and understand the purpose of this relationship is crucial, so you can be freed from the consequences.

Could you find your twin flame within, Could you hold him/her within and continue to live your life. And the most important thing is could you be yourself around him/her? The next article will be about authenticity.


Self-Governance in Twin Flame Journey

A twin Flame journey is a one that you spent mostly by yourself other than your twin flame itself considering the huge separation period usually enforced by nature.

This being alone time is crucial to your progress, so it is not affected by outside influences. If you are forcing this period to end sooner than enough, you might face more resistance by nature and you might end up being alienated from society.

Not to overdose this type of feeling indifference you might join a twin flame community or you might be friends with other people. Nevertheless, this person cannot be someone other than an ally going through the same process of twin flame journey like you do. That is why we have this blog.

Peace will eventually come, grace will eventually arrive and forgiveness and compassion will show themselves to you. For all of this, you need to work on your self-governance skills.

For self-governance skills to improve you need awareness and self-acknowledgment. You have to know how to control your impulses, emotions, and actions. This is where we usually get lost.

Thank you




Finding the twin within requires a lot of time, work and dedication… So if you are on your twin flame journey for a reasonable amount of time, by working on yourself and your twin flame mirror, you might have come close to finding your twin within.

The true awakening of twin flame journey cannot happen without reaching your twin within. Your twin within will only be activated if you reach your core, your essence or your true self. This requires a lot of courage, getting rid of all the projections applied to you by your parents, community, social media and your self. This true awakening will happen at the deepest level of your soul, the part that is directly connected to the source or god… Only by then you can find your true twin flame because your twin flame will reflect that frequency of love back to you. We are all made of love… there is not any soul that stayed out of this.

When you meet the true twin that lived within you for so long… it will reveal the truth to you. The truth of who you are and what a twin flame is. Be open to any form of love during this process. Instead of speculating wait for the god to show you…. to show true love to you and then you will know what love is.

Chasing after someone who is not interested in you or rejecting someone whom you have chased for a long time is not a form of any love. This is truly the dark side of love that we have been told it is true because we have kept away from this actual true love itself. So finding the love within will deepen your relationship with yourself and your twin flame.

When you are full of love… if you can see that…you will not be leaking anymore.


Mira and El


A “How to” Guide to Finding Yourself

l would like to share a poem by Phoenix Inspring whom l share a similar experience about being a mother of a kid with autism. As she says in her manifestation we are the lucky ones to endure the process and praise our abundance of spritual growh.

Phoenix Inspiring

This morning I was going through my poems in search of something and found this poem.  It’s one I wrote sometime ago, and thought it might be helpful for you in understanding a little about the “how to” of spiritual ascension–of self-discovery.

Mosaic Woman Structure

There’s no way to tell you

What I’m feeling inside

Hard to spread out truth

Where so much error lies

We tend to get angry



When we only have peeks at

The vast, wide perspective

How can I give you

What’s still in slow progress—



Beneath a steeled surface

I’m afraid you can’t see me

Misinterpret my motives

Scared you’re repulsed by

My scarcely lit votives

Sometimes I’m impatient

Empty and maxed

Others I’m fearful


Even taxed

A mixture of emotion

Melting pot of expression

Trying to make it

In the wake of destruction

I don’t expect anything

Not words…

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Clearing Templates

Twin Flames are here to clear certain templates that have created a polarity between the masculine and feminine energy all throughout history for decades.

Some of these templates may include cultural differences, races, and religions which has a great impact on the history of this planet. The reason for the wars and recurring non-peace on our planet are these patterns that people follow without questioning.

Another polarity may come from age differences and abilities between man and woman in general. Women are largely overlooked about their functional abilities and also the spiritual abilities are buried underground by men.

These are the general templates that we all know that twin flames are here to saturate however there are other templates unique to twin flames couples separately such as abuse, harassment, and violence.

So if you have an abuse in the past from your parents or sibling or any other biological family related abuse, coming from your ancestral line, you and your twin flame are here to clear these templates from all of your soul lines. This is why family constellation and awareness are two important subjects related to the mission.

Twin flames are here to clear templates around marriage, betrayal, lust, and jealousy. These are the subjects you are going to be tested. To be able to pass these test, you should eliminate the negative side of these elements and any cultural pattern attached to it. Twin flames are not here to enhance these elements, on the contrary, to put an end to this traditional relationship issues between man and woman and I can see almost all of you fall into the trap of marriage and its invented procedures.

Twin flames are also here to change the energy of the environment that they emanate. By putting out their light into the waves of the universe around them, they create a divine justice and the best expression and reflection of god itself. We are here to be an example to this society and to take the leadership roles to make the necessary changes on this planet.

Being a twin flame is about the mission and it’s not about finding a mate on a dating site.




Mirror Effect in Twin Flame Relationships

In this article, I would like to explain “the mirror effect” from different perspectives in twin flame relationships.

In the simplest form, mirror effect is the reflection of your persona/soul upon your twin flame. This reflection may take the form of thought, behaviors and actual happenings depending on the intensity of your projection.

If you are thinking of going to a park, at the same time your twin may suggest you, go to a park together, mirroring your thought against her/his thoughts. If you grab the coffee to drink it, your twin flame may grab hers/his exactly the same instant, mirroring your action/need. Or if you get angry with your twin flame when you are not even talking, he or she might act like defensive and say something all of a sudden.

In the first example we see an act of mirroring as a mimicking but in the second one is the mirror effect as an action/reaction.

Another side of the mirror effect is when we find our twin flame actualizing our deepest fears, they are doing it so you can actually face them, this is a way of healing but this does not mean that you have to put up with abusive behaviors.

Whatever you see in your twin flame as a fault or whatever you see in them as a mistake or whatever you truly criticize in them is exactly, I repeat, “exactly” who you are. But maybe the mirror effect is hidden from you here, you only see the back of the mirror where your counterpart sees the whole mirror.

Twin Flames are eternal mirrors to one another, like to mirrors facing each other repeats the object on the mirror indefinitely, you will too. You will indefinitely project the different versions of yourself on a mirror called “your twin flame” and the more you collect the parts of your soul, the more you become true to yourself.