Keeping your authenticity in TF relationships

Keeping your authentic self healthy and clean is very important in TF journey. For this reason l would like to give you few tips about how to be authentic when you are in a relationship with your twin flame.

First tip is getting rid of all the personas that are attached to you since your childhood. That is why twin flame journey is relatively painful and full of suffering. It is hard to get rid of the old structure that was there for a very very long time. Getting rid of the personas and peeling the layers of your identity can take some time that is why tf journey is a long one to take. But since you are assigned for it you are good to go.

The second tip is not to cross the bridge all over when you are in a relationship with your twin flame; let’s meet in the middle, shall we; should be your motto. If you cross the bridge to meet her/him, the relationship will turn into a power game and loose its authenticity too. Keeping your personal borders and addressing your personal needs are necessary in tf relationships like all other relationships. But in this one you need to be careful which one is which. Are you the one addressing your needs or are you addressing your twin flame’s needs and thinking that they are yours.

The third tip is about not being effected by your twin flames mental and physical conditions and I believe this is the hardest part. That is why we  need a separation  phase in twin flame relationships. You need to be in your own self while keeping the journey of the same soul. This is quite tricky and understanding this takes a lot of time. You and your twin flame holds the same soul in two different bodies and sometimes even this same soul reflects itself to both of the bodies at the same time. For example if your twin flame is put in ER for some reason you might feel the same symptoms as if you are having the same issue. This is the mysterious part in tf relationships.

Nevertheless ENJOY your relationship as it is and try to stay calm whatever comes to your way.  Be confident in responding to the life itself.

Mira and EL

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