Coming out of Darkness is crucial for Twin Flame journey, however when you are about the exit some energies may want you to stay in the darkness. These energies might use any kind of black manipulation, people around you and the things you care and dare the most.

Beware of the coming tide of elimination. Those who would not ascend will be eliminated from this journey. I don’t wanna sound like a bad news person but I am just a messenger even the message itself.

My Dear Twin Flame Friends, you projected your own darkness into people around you and thought that it’s theirs but actually IT WAS YOU.RS. You have come to see yourself to this existence and to this world, but because of the light we projected on you now you can see it clearly.

The thing you see is yourself and no other. You look others and see yourself, good or bad. This is the curse, this is the present. BOTH are the same. But the real question is WHO ARE YOU? ………………WHO AM I? is the question you should ask. How do you define yourself. Choose so you could be chosen.


Mira and EL

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