Twin Flame Nutrition 1

Nutrition is very important in a twin flames life. We are different as a soul, so different in our body as well. I do not have a profession on this subject but I would like to share with you the experience I have with my nutrition facts and my body. If it resonates with you, you are welcome. This could apply to twin flames as a whole.

1- Frequency: This is very important that you should avoid eating for hours from big plates. Divide your meal into small portions and eat frequently. If you are on a healing process your energies could be depleted easily. If you eat every 2 Or 3 hours on small portions you would not go crazy for carbs and sugar immediately.

2-Energy: Eat as much as raw food as possible. The foods that are exposed to sunlight and grow on the surface of planet earth helps you a lot. If you eat food that gives you the pure energy you will have fewer mood swings on your twin flame journey.

3-Grounding: If you are a higher dimensional twin flame then to be able to ground your energies on earth will take longer. To ground more easily you can choose from a spread of raw food developing under the ground like potatoes, carrot, onion, celery etc.

4- Ascension: if you are in an ascension process eat less and light. Do not go for red meat and heavy stuff. Eat white meat and especially seafood and raw veggies.

5- Teeth: Don’t forget the teeth…Please choose raw and hard foods for your teeth. You need a chewing power so grab an apple or a carrot and bite. Raw vegetables and fruits are good for twin flames and any other higher dimensional beings. You can also try nuts.

6- Liquids: Do not go for canned drinks if possible chose bottled drinks. If you can drink 2 liters of water in a day would be enough if you can not drink at least one. Use fresh filtered water or spring water. If you forget drinking set up a timer. Avoid too much coffee or tea that will make your energetic metabolism to imbalance.

Have a great day…



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