Reaching the core


Reaching the core requires a full surrender to what is. This is the last phase of your twin flame journey where you become one with your creator and everything around you. When you reach your core everyone becomes your twin flame at least the people who are in the vibration of higher realms.

Reaching the core activates a lot of self-power and awakens your twin. By reaching the core you reach the twin within therefore the communication would be in a very fast phase and the alignment between the polarities will fasten up.

To be able to reach the core you need to surrender and let go of the control of who you are. Old habits, addictions, and personality disorders may prevent you from reaching your core. Once you reach the core, you gave rebirth to a true-self.

In twin flame relationships the final union may not come if you haven’t reached the core yourself. This is a phase where both twins have to complete on their own and the very reason for the separation period.

You can DO IT !!!

Mira and EL

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