Soul Structure

Twin Flames have different soul structure then souls who have reincarnated as a single soul. During your creation process, you have divided into two parts to form an avatar. Then you have started your journey separately yet together, in many realms.

Your soul family is an extension of your twin flame seed, and this is why they are called extended soul family. Your extended soul family is connected to you and you might be feeling their dark sides and fear. It is your duty also to help them clear their shadow side aspect so you can elevate and rise in your soul growth path.

Twin flames are divided into two on their descending process, some twin souls divide themselves into two in their ascension process in order to complete their journey easily and quickly.

You have 6 feminine energies and 6 masculine energies in your first-degree soul family after that comes the extended soul family, you are very much connected to each other like a network.

Do not forget that we are all one, your soul family may be spread throughout the entire world and do not ignore that lives of others who have wars in their country. They might be in your soul family.

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