The Last Journey on this Planet

I first wanted to say thank you to all twin flames who are on planet earth right now. You had the courage to take this journey with your counterpart for the future of our planet.

Twin flames come together on their last journey of reincarnation, then they depart and merged as one taking the original soul form and returned to the source. It is your choice to return to the source or come back again to help the humankind. For the twin flames who wants to come again, the future will be challenging if we do not choose to change it now.

The reason why the merging process starts on the last journey is that they are inseparable after the activation of this process and they are entitled to merge no matter what and as they merge, the only way is up.

Since this is your last journey, take a point of view from there, think that you are at the end of your life’s journey and turn back to take a look at your life. What do you see? How much you have given to this planet and to the collective, what resides behind you, how do you feel at that moment, what was your contribution to this planet? See it from there, are you satisfied?

I am sure you are because you are twin flames born for the mission and you have completed it with success.



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