Our Soul Journey is Limitless


Our soul journey is limitless because we are limitless beings living in a limited form called the body. As we reach our higher selves embodied on higher consciousness levels we become one with the universe and understand the miracle of creation itself.

There is another image of a flower on the petals of this flowers (yellowish image at the center) and the seed in the middle holds the immense power and new possibilities of millions of copies of this flower. It’s unlimited and yet limited only to this form of creation.

Twin flames are not like that at all, we are unlimited and yet unlimited in many forms. All twin flames are a different kind. There are unique in many ways and yet same in term of twin flame dynamics. To be able to understand this, please look deeply into your connection and try to understand the debts of the soul within.

April will a month of UNION for different kinds of twin flames, from different dimensions with different missions. You are all welcome to planet earth, we were waiting for you for such a long time. We will unite.

Blessings, Mira & EL




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