Collective Union

I know you’ve been waiting for a long time for me to write something. I did not want to write anything without returning to you with a good news. As you know, we are all on our way to this twin flame journey for a long time and our faith is being tested day by day. You want to consider that there should be an end to this, and I agree, yes there should be.

You want a result that is special to you, you want to unite with your twin. However, considering the big picture, this is more complicated than you can imagine. There are twin flames, at each level, which has come to the stage of merging and has completed all the inner work that has to be done. These twins will be part of the collective union so if you do not like, not being with your twin, the solution is coming soon too.

I am talking about a collective union all over the world, and this merging process, which will reflect the first steps of the new age, is starting soon. Although we do not know yet how long this process will last, if you feel close to your twin lately, this is also a sign of this collective union. Thus, a new era will begin with this collective consciousness movement.

If you do not know who your twin really is, you can easily get through this process. If you have very clear decisions about who your twin is, or at what time and in what way, you should get united with your twin flame; you can be over-challenged in the process. We are always here to help the twins worldwide.

When you see your real twin, you will understand that the union can only come from God.

We wish success to all of you and all the realms.


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