False Twin Flames



False twin flames will create a false illusion of your twin flame and the union itself so you can never be with your true twin flame. There is no one like a false twin flame actually, the false twin flame is the energy you pull to yourself by being stuck into 3D patterns. The false illusions that are coming from the wrong belief systems about love and 3D concepts of the union.

Your false twin flame may give you false hopes of building a family together, having kids, sticking together, romantic voyages or they might just talk about it but never actually do anything about it. They might be making you live in a fantasy when they have no intention to spent their future with you. It is “the hope” that you can not let go is keeping you in the fake pattern of twin flames. Do not get confused, be alert of the negativity in this situation. Love yourself enough to get out of this false identity.

Let this be the week of celebration, let this be the week of liberty, let this week be the week of unconditional love, get rid of your narcissistic false twin and open your arms to the unknown, to your real twin, waiting for you to wake up from an illusion of how relationship should be.

Blessings from Mira

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