Making 3D mistakes in your 5D connection


Twin flame relationship is a 5D connection that will last lifetime ones it’s activated. The purpose of this connection is to shift your vibration to higher levels so you can evolve as a human being and with this evolvement, the people around you may also raise their vibrations.

The fundamental mistakes that we do, especially the feminine energy, tends to see this connection as a 3D relationship, which is not the case ever and never will be. So I wanted to address the common mistakes that we do during separation periods.

1- Using bad language in your text or e-mails. This is kind of a reflection of an inner anger towards yourself. Deal with it, do not put it on your twin flame. He/she did not leave you because of unlove, on the contrary, because of love itself.

2-Using agitation, “poor me” behavior in your language. While in communication, do not use the language of a victim, because you are not a victim, this is not a 3D relationship where you are abandoned, abused, procrastinated by your lover. This is a relationship of awareness, so just be aware.

4-Using mind games and manipulation tools against your twin. This might even go up to doing everything to get what you want “now”. This involves, stalking, seducing, lying, negotiating, blaming, love bombing and playing the innocent. Usually, twin flame masculine is an expert to detect this. So be careful.

5-Do not take advises from other people about your relationship. They most probably have no idea about a 5D relationship or why the other party is running, so do not assume.

6-Do not try to take a revenge, or act like the runner. Because this will make it worst and creates a vicious cycle that you will be in this loop forever. We call it the infinite loop until you awaken to your true divinity and unconditional love, then it becomes different for you.

7-Do not compare yourself with other people in your twins life. He does not have a  higher connection in his/her life than your connection with him. If you do not trust in that, why would he/she?

Many blessings from Mira




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