The Monad


The Monad, in its basic definition, means the one, the first, the simplest form of an element or organism. What I want to write about today is the soul monad and this picture is not a coincidence. This flower very much looks like the original monad where souls came from.

If you consider the center of this flower as a Monad, the petals are the souls extended from this monad, like we are all extensions of God itself. Although this flower has 19 petals, the original monad would have 12 extensions in the dimension we are talking about, in the upper dimensions the monad may become 16 and even more.

Each petal represents another soul coming from the source, the monad, the god. At the center, you can see seeds and some other elements. That is exactly what monad contains, like the atom of the soul, it contains feminine and masculine energies, like protons and neutrons and electrons negatively charged revolving around it. This monad 8-12-16-24…. has unlimited soul extensions. We are now talking about 12 extensions and also 12 extensions from one soul extension making 144 souls.

Assume that you are one of the petals of this flower, you would have 11 other people in your very best soul family and 144-1=143 people from your extended soul family. The inner circle would represent your near twins the extended group would represent your soul mates. You would have 6 feminines 6 masculines in your soul family.

The aim of the twin flames is to reach the Monad and return back to where they came from. This means the end of their soul evolution, the completion of the great cycle of reincarnation. It feels like coming home for some of us. This is why the twin flames are an important part of human evolution.

If this is your last incarnation to go back to the source, do not hurry, there are a lot of pleasures and joy on earth to experience before going home. Enjoy your blessing here with your twin flame, experiencing ones and last time of being a human on earth plane.

Blessings from Mira

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