The Final Union


The final union is a miracle, like any other miracle, for example like this flower, it’s a profound miracle.

Like all other miracles, the final union is pure love, falling in love, a rebirth of light self, or just love. Whatever you call it, you can not diminish its true meaning, the final union is a miracle between two souls, between two hearts, between two selves, between two bodies. It’s profound and has no other explanation.

Your final union will leave your speechless, without any expectation, without even a word, without even a future or a past, without even yourself. The final union is the ultimate experience that a twin flame can have and live for his/her entire lifetime. And like any other miracle it happens and then it has it’s effect for the remaining of your time on planet earth.

There is no higher love than a twin flame love, it’s one with Gods’ love towards its creation. If you haven’t fallen in love with your twin flame, you will in this phase, it is so similar to the love you feel in the bubble phase, just when you meet your twin flame, without any definition to it, it is pure love and has no doubts that it is.

This love does not contain any of the elements of a human love, because of its divine presence. It does not contain, place, time, gender, age, ethnicity, status, physical appearance, or any other polarized opinion belongs to the human world.

The final union is yours, and it is yours forever, in true pure divine love, you just go on go on and go on rowing your boat in life. No one can take it from you, no one can diminish its power upon you, you can not give it to any other, you can not lose it and you can never get out of it, you have fallen in divine love.

The end.

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