Letting go of the Old


A new year is coming, the year that holds many hopes for twin flames in general. This upcoming year will be the year of grounding this 5d relationship into 3d. This means reunions, marriages, children, partnerships, gatherings and so much more.

However, we need to let go of the old to start a new. Let go of the old believes about life and relationships, negative habits, addictions, old ways of thinking, old patterns, anything that does not serve us in 2018 and beyond.

We need to let go of the karmic relationships, old friends that we stick to in order to protect an old identity. Giving way to the old and opening up space for the new. That is all we do. Really open up and open your heart, expand in every way possible. This year will be a year for twin flames so…

Let go of the old, completely, freely, willingly and say thank you!

Blessings from Mira




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