Ever Lasting Love


There are some loves that never shed its leaves, they are the same for all seasons and survive any weather or bad condition. This is the love of twin flames, ever ending, never lasting, and being a unique expression of unconditional love not just for one another but for everyone around them.

We have come to merge with true love and show humanity how “a love” can be. Everybody can say that they love each other however only time will tell the true and real love that transcends time and space. We loved each other before the time and will continue to love after time. There is no one that can explain this love to another and like a rainbow that has no end and beginning, the love we perceive is only a drop in the ocean compared to the love of the divine for its creation.

Being a twin flame is an extraordinary expression of self-love. When we love ourself we love one another, the love is so pure and true that it comes without any attachment. Being a twin flame is the best thing that happened to me in this lifetime. I am blessed with the love of the loves.

Thanks for bringing in the final union.




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