Welcome 2018


2018 is the year for twin flames, not only in regards to numerology but also spiritually. Adding up to 11, starting with the Gemini full moon on the 1.1.11, reunions occur all over the world.

The color of 2018 is red for me, the color of passion, success, love, and pleasure. My heart has expanded in many ways that I hardly remember the darkness and pain of my twin flame journey. It is good to know that the process is completed now is time for the reunions and foundations related to these unions.

2018 is also a year of music, we sing, play and dance to express our soul in the most unique ways we can. Communication will be also high in 2018 related to business or life purposes. Have you found your mission? If not 2018 is a good year to start your mission with your twin flame or alone.

I wish our twin flame soul family all the best for 2018 and thanks to 150 followers on my Turkish site and this site as well. Happy to be…


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