Embracing Your Relationship


Embracing your twin flame relationship starts with embracing your partner with all the faults and dark sides he/she has and all the possible defects they might hold in the future.

Love is limitless, we hardly see ourselves until become another. We might think that we are awakened, enlightened, perfect, mature or giving. But your twin flame is you so he/she is as well. If you are not looking at this unique relationship from this point of you, you might struggle to find a balance.

Love the most unlovable about your twin flame, love the image you see on the mirror even it seems ugly from time to time, love the one and the one will love you back. See the best in our twin flame, how compassionate they can be. See the love that opens and blossoms between you. See them with our true eyes from your true self to theirs.

Embrace yourself and see how lucky you are to be a twin flame. Try to feel the love that is surrounding you all the time, catch the miracles happening around you. You and your twin flame is meant to be together and the love between you unquestionable. Try to feel that in your every cell.

Being a twin flame is not easy yet you are capable of this responsibility and blessing at the same time. Be ready and hug your twin flame without hesitation. Be the one twin flame who passes every test that life trows upon them. Be a miracle yourself.


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