Being the ONE


Being the one for another is as important as being one within yourself. Because if you are one within yourself then you can become the “one” for another.

Reciprocated love is the only true love in this universe. This feeling of receptivity comes from deep down in your soul. That is where the pure love resides… its within you and all of you at the same time.

Reaching the one is not easy, you might have gone a long road to reach this form of pure love that transcends time and space. When the one becomes the “one” then you feel that you are loved for the first time or you now know what love is beyond all terms of existence.

This love emerges when there are no boundaries between the two, when the one becomes the other, when there is softness, when there is equality and balance at the same time. The one is one, when the one allows it to be. When you are one with the other then you can become one with the whole humanity even with the whole universe.

Then you become eternal, along with the core of you, along with the love you carry for one another and there you can find the peace and the whole creation within.


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