Our soul family or tribe


Your soul family or tribe are the souls that carry a part of your energetic DNA, not only you but your twin flame’s as well. When you meet your twin flame you also meet with your soul family.

Your soul family will not be different then your biological family, you will be having the same interests and feel the deep connection of bonding to one another. Your soul family also serves your soul mission.

You can start healing your soul family before finally get reunited with your twin. This healing also reflects back to you and your twin in a positive way on 5D level. You might also realize that some of the habits you have are far long gone in this healing process.

Meeting your tribe gives you the courage and motivation to continue in this twin flame journey without hesitation. Some of your old friends may depart from your life, or anyone not serving you or your soul mission will get disappeared suddenly. Let it be because all is well.

Being with your soul family, having a dinner with them or even a short conversation will make you feel above the clouds because of the energetic vibration they hold. I consider anyone lucky who happen to meet them or getting to know them. This is enough to feel safe and secure in this journey.



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