Going through dark night of the soul


Going through Dark Night of the soul is part of twin flame journey. In this healing process you go to very deep side of your self and find the places that are hidden and dark. This dark places by coming into the awareness of self is well illuminated by the light of your core.

Living Dark Night of the soul is tough but the rewards are impressive. You will become your original self by going back to your true self and start an illumination process within. This light then will be recognized from outside and you will be an example of purified soul living on a higher consciousness on planet earth.

During the dark night of the soul you might loose the things that you value, maybe encounter loss of a loved one, or any other event that wakes you up from deep inside. Anything that touches you so deep, a heartbreak, a loss, a disappointment, a big change.

After the dark night of the soul your soul is transformed into something new and you will see the reflection of this transformation in yourself. Old belief systems will leave its place to new ones, old habits will be gone forever, you are rejuvenated yet alive.

Being the unconditional love itself is the final outcome of this process. You will be able to understand that we are all one yet the same and at the same time we are one with the God itself. There is no duality but oneness in every living being, you are just a reflection of God itself in another form as all beings are. There is no you but only God living through you, experiencing through you and loving through you as you are all made of love itself.

You might come out of dark of of the soul as a different person completely changed. Embrace it, live it and be thankful for that finally you come home to yourself.

Blessings from Mira


One thought on “Going through dark night of the soul

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    Thank you wonderful Mira for sharing much Light and Unconditional Love to self (physical self/selves)/Self (Soul/Spirit within), interconnected humanity, Mother Earth, merging worlds, and beyond.

    <3<3<3 Barbara/Mulantis

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