How do we journey together?


Twin flames journey together for their entire soul growth process, starting from being a part of a monad and ending as a human being on planet earth. Twin flames as being a part of one soul, they choose how their journey would be together and the entire journey is designed to make them reach their final goal.

No matter how it begins or how it ends, the journey itself is a blessing for the soul experiencing a twin flame connection on earth. The connection between twin flames are one of a kind and yet created to be a living truth of unconditional love.

It always reminds me of my twin when I see two butterflies dancing among flowers, how they make those sudden moves and never touch the wings of one another. How they enjoy the life and being alive just buy traveling together. Not all the butterflies live one day but this expression also ends another aspect to a twin flame relationship. They born together, live many lives and die together as being one soul.

If you are reincarnated with your twin flame on planet earth in this life time you most probably are going to get united and leave this physical plane as a one soul. You will be transformed to your original form as you reach to the source.

There is no separation on a twin flame journey because of the energetic cords that hold them together for their entire soul journey together. This is also reminds me of the butterflies how they come close and pull apart at a certain distance constantly, this constant moves are because of their magnetic fields and pull and push dynamics just like in twin flames.

This transformation process into becoming one starts when they physically meet each other in this lifetime and it takes some time to complete this transformation, the final completion of this transformation would not be on the physical but in etheric realms.

The twin flame journey serves a purpose, the purpose is first the joy of being alive. I cannot really explain how important this is for a twin flame journey or any souls journey. This inner joy is the first goal of twin flame journey the second is giving thanks to humanity as being in service of others. And most probably the third is listening jazz:)


Blessings from Mira


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