Our body as a vessel for divine consciousness


We dwell in/on our bodies a lot when it comes to physical existence on earth. We are provided yet preoccupied by the vessel called body. In some religions it is an accomplisher of sins and in other it is a temple that we experience holiness. My twin and I are non-domination about religions so we would like to open you up to a new perspective of body and it’s functions.

There are 12 bodies of human consciousness, physical body, etheric body, astral body, mental body, soul body, buddhic body, atmic body, and celestial body of 5 more consciousness level. I call them (light, divine, galactic, universal, multi dimensional) the last level of consciousness you embody the ability to make things happen in all planes instantly which we call god like, for example creating galaxies. This part of human self is not yet open to humanity. Bluprinters may recall and see what I am talking about.

Our physical body, containing and being a divine vessel for those bodies, is unlimited. How we perceive our body is how we move in life. If you take it as just the physical body then your nurturing comes from that part of your body, eating, having sex and any physical satisfaction will work for you. This does not make you “not divine” but make you not “experience divinity” while living. Every being has a chance to experience divine one day at a moment in its life, there is no being without it yet there is nothing to gasp for, it’s effortless and yet in this moment.

To be able to experience divinity, you need your physical body that is why we are here on earth. Sprit body incarnates into physical forms and the most developed one on earth, as we now know as human.

There more people are aware of their bodies energetically the more they will increase into higher consciousness. Some of us were born with these connections and some of us will gather the connections as they move in life, through suffering and joy. A fully awakened human body does not need any suffering, because the pain body has died already which was creating the separation from yourself and the divine.

The reason I am explaining these aspects is that it’s possible healing from inside out; it is possible to change something in your non-physical bodies and may see the effect on the physical one. Some of you would say “do I have to believe”, no as long as you believe in yourself you don’t have to believe in anything, if you don’t want to. The healing process is much higher then currently known belief system.

Our physical body subject to being born develop and death, so what can we do during this process is up to you. How do you nurture yourself? How do you feel pleasure and how is this all possible with healing?

Nurturing your body with healthy food, proper sleep and fitness program is crucial for our wellness and for our body attached to this physical plane. Honor your body and adore it. It is the most important part of human life, your body. It is your temple.

Starseeds, twinflames, twinrays and bluprinters are also welcome to this blog. We are one yet gathering.

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