Welcome 2018


2018 is the year for twin flames, not only in regards to numerology but also spiritually. Adding up to 11, starting with the Gemini full moon on the 1.1.11, reunions occur all over the world.

The color of 2018 is red for me, the color of passion, success, love, and pleasure. My heart has expanded in many ways that I hardly remember the darkness and pain of my twin flame journey. It is good to know that the process is completed now is time for the reunions and foundations related to these unions.

2018 is also a year of music, we sing, play and dance to express our soul in the most unique ways we can. Communication will be also high in 2018 related to business or life purposes. Have you found your mission? If not 2018 is a good year to start your mission with your twin flame or alone.

I wish our twin flame soul family all the best for 2018 and thanks to 150 followers on my Turkish site and this site as well. Happy to be…


Ever Lasting Love


There are some loves that never shed its leaves, they are the same for all seasons and survive any weather or bad condition. This is the love of twin flames, ever ending, never lasting, and being a unique expression of unconditional love not just for one another but for everyone around them.

We have come to merge with true love and show humanity how “a love” can be. Everybody can say that they love each other however only time will tell the true and real love that transcends time and space. We loved each other before the time and will continue to love after time. There is no one that can explain this love to another and like a rainbow that has no end and beginning, the love we perceive is only a drop in the ocean compared to the love of the divine for its creation.

Being a twin flame is an extraordinary expression of self-love. When we love ourself we love one another, the love is so pure and true that it comes without any attachment. Being a twin flame is the best thing that happened to me in this lifetime. I am blessed with the love of the loves.

Thanks for bringing in the final union.




Letting go of the Old


A new year is coming, the year that holds many hopes for twin flames in general. This upcoming year will be the year of grounding this 5d relationship into 3d. This means reunions, marriages, children, partnerships, gatherings and so much more.

However, we need to let go of the old to start a new. Let go of the old believes about life and relationships, negative habits, addictions, old ways of thinking, old patterns, anything that does not serve us in 2018 and beyond.

We need to let go of the karmic relationships, old friends that we stick to in order to protect an old identity. Giving way to the old and opening up space for the new. That is all we do. Really open up and open your heart, expand in every way possible. This year will be a year for twin flames so…

Let go of the old, completely, freely, willingly and say thank you!

Blessings from Mira



Embracing Your Relationship


Embracing your twin flame relationship starts with embracing your partner with all the faults and dark sides he/she has and all the possible defects they might hold in the future.

Love is limitless, we hardly see ourselves until become another. We might think that we are awakened, enlightened, perfect, mature or giving. But your twin flame is you so he/she is as well. If you are not looking at this unique relationship from this point of you, you might struggle to find a balance.

Love the most unlovable about your twin flame, love the image you see on the mirror even it seems ugly from time to time, love the one and the one will love you back. See the best in our twin flame, how compassionate they can be. See the love that opens and blossoms between you. See them with our true eyes from your true self to theirs.

Embrace yourself and see how lucky you are to be a twin flame. Try to feel the love that is surrounding you all the time, catch the miracles happening around you. You and your twin flame is meant to be together and the love between you unquestionable. Try to feel that in your every cell.

Being a twin flame is not easy yet you are capable of this responsibility and blessing at the same time. Be ready and hug your twin flame without hesitation. Be the one twin flame who passes every test that life trows upon them. Be a miracle yourself.


Being the ONE


Being the one for another is as important as being one within yourself. Because if you are one within yourself then you can become the “one” for another.

Reciprocated love is the only true love in this universe. This feeling of receptivity comes from deep down in your soul. That is where the pure love resides… its within you and all of you at the same time.

Reaching the one is not easy, you might have gone a long road to reach this form of pure love that transcends time and space. When the one becomes the “one” then you feel that you are loved for the first time or you now know what love is beyond all terms of existence.

This love emerges when there are no boundaries between the two, when the one becomes the other, when there is softness, when there is equality and balance at the same time. The one is one, when the one allows it to be. When you are one with the other then you can become one with the whole humanity even with the whole universe.

Then you become eternal, along with the core of you, along with the love you carry for one another and there you can find the peace and the whole creation within.


Our soul family or tribe


Your soul family or tribe are the souls that carry a part of your energetic DNA, not only you but your twin flame’s as well. When you meet your twin flame you also meet with your soul family.

Your soul family will not be different then your biological family, you will be having the same interests and feel the deep connection of bonding to one another. Your soul family also serves your soul mission.

You can start healing your soul family before finally get reunited with your twin. This healing also reflects back to you and your twin in a positive way on 5D level. You might also realize that some of the habits you have are far long gone in this healing process.

Meeting your tribe gives you the courage and motivation to continue in this twin flame journey without hesitation. Some of your old friends may depart from your life, or anyone not serving you or your soul mission will get disappeared suddenly. Let it be because all is well.

Being with your soul family, having a dinner with them or even a short conversation will make you feel above the clouds because of the energetic vibration they hold. I consider anyone lucky who happen to meet them or getting to know them. This is enough to feel safe and secure in this journey.



How to best serve ourselves?


Being at service of ourself is as important as being at service to others. Twin flame journey is a long road, you have all the means to become one at the end. You are made for it, you are ready for it and you are it. So be confident to serve yourself first before you start to serve others.

To be able to love others completely and freely, you can start “loving” with yourself. Love is a very deep concept of your twin flame journey. Loving yourself is the key to give a start to this magnificent journey of becoming your true self. Only with love we can ease the pain and suffering of human kind.

Having your needs met is a very crucial point of serving yourself with confident. Your will should be aligned to serve you first before serving others. This applies also to your twin flame. You will nurture yourself with your own love so that your twin flame can do the same.

Connecting with yourself is another point in being at your service. By connecting to your self you will become the person you really are, you will be authentic and this authenticity serves everybody around you more then you think it can. Being authentic is the first step of twin flame journey usually the one that was not given enough consideration.

Loving yourself first before loving others is the key to your happiness. With all the flows and imperfections, without beating yourself up for the mistakes of the past, without any condition. Regardless of your performance in life if you can love yourself, then you can love your twin flame too.

Focusing on your goals is very important in the process of runner twin dynamic. Start the mission, be the mission, move on with your aims in life. Then you will see that your twin flame will also join you and nothing can stop you after that.

Be the love you want to be loved, be the authentic person everybody respects, be who you truly are then everything will come to you.






Going through dark night of the soul


Going through Dark Night of the soul is part of twin flame journey. In this healing process you go to very deep side of your self and find the places that are hidden and dark. This dark places by coming into the awareness of self is well illuminated by the light of your core.

Living Dark Night of the soul is tough but the rewards are impressive. You will become your original self by going back to your true self and start an illumination process within. This light then will be recognized from outside and you will be an example of purified soul living on a higher consciousness on planet earth.

During the dark night of the soul you might loose the things that you value, maybe encounter loss of a loved one, or any other event that wakes you up from deep inside. Anything that touches you so deep, a heartbreak, a loss, a disappointment, a big change.

After the dark night of the soul your soul is transformed into something new and you will see the reflection of this transformation in yourself. Old belief systems will leave its place to new ones, old habits will be gone forever, you are rejuvenated yet alive.

Being the unconditional love itself is the final outcome of this process. You will be able to understand that we are all one yet the same and at the same time we are one with the God itself. There is no duality but oneness in every living being, you are just a reflection of God itself in another form as all beings are. There is no you but only God living through you, experiencing through you and loving through you as you are all made of love itself.

You might come out of dark of of the soul as a different person completely changed. Embrace it, live it and be thankful for that finally you come home to yourself.

Blessings from Mira