The Last Journey on this Planet

I first wanted to say thank you to all twin flames who are on planet earth right now. You had the courage to take this journey with your counterpart for the future of our planet.

Twin flames come together on their last journey of reincarnation, then they depart and merged as one taking the original soul form and returned to the source. It is your choice to return to the source or come back again to help the humankind. For the twin flames who wants to come again, the future will be challenging if we do not choose to change it now.

The reason why the merging process starts on the last journey is that they are inseparable after the activation of this process and they are entitled to merge no matter what and as they merge, the only way is up.

Since this is your last journey, take a point of view from there, think that you are at the end of your life’s journey and turn back to take a look at your life. What do you see? How much you have given to this planet and to the collective, what resides behind you, how do you feel at that moment, what was your contribution to this planet? See it from there, are you satisfied?

I am sure you are because you are twin flames born for the mission and you have completed it with success.



Our Soul Journey is Limitless


Our soul journey is limitless because we are limitless beings living in a limited form called the body. As we reach our higher selves embodied on higher consciousness levels we become one with the universe and understand the miracle of creation itself.

There is another image of a flower on the petals of this flowers (yellowish image at the center) and the seed in the middle holds the immense power and new possibilities of millions of copies of this flower. It’s unlimited and yet limited only to this form of creation.

Twin flames are not like that at all, we are unlimited and yet unlimited in many forms. All twin flames are a different kind. There are unique in many ways and yet same in term of twin flame dynamics. To be able to understand this, please look deeply into your connection and try to understand the debts of the soul within.

April will a month of UNION for different kinds of twin flames, from different dimensions with different missions. You are all welcome to planet earth, we were waiting for you for such a long time. We will unite.

Blessings, Mira & EL




Karmic Mate of Masculine Twin

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The Final Union


The final union is a miracle, like any other miracle, for example like this flower, it’s a profound miracle.

Like all other miracles, the final union is pure love, falling in love, a rebirth of light self, or just love. Whatever you call it, you can not diminish its true meaning, the final union is a miracle between two souls, between two hearts, between two selves, between two bodies. It’s profound and has no other explanation.

Your final union will leave your speechless, without any expectation, without even a word, without even a future or a past, without even yourself. The final union is the ultimate experience that a twin flame can have and live for his/her entire lifetime. And like any other miracle it happens and then it has it’s effect for the remaining of your time on planet earth.

There is no higher love than a twin flame love, it’s one with Gods’ love towards its creation. If you haven’t fallen in love with your twin flame, you will in this phase, it is so similar to the love you feel in the bubble phase, just when you meet your twin flame, without any definition to it, it is pure love and has no doubts that it is.

This love does not contain any of the elements of a human love, because of its divine presence. It does not contain, place, time, gender, age, ethnicity, status, physical appearance, or any other polarized opinion belongs to the human world.

The final union is yours, and it is yours forever, in true pure divine love, you just go on go on and go on rowing your boat in life. No one can take it from you, no one can diminish its power upon you, you can not give it to any other, you can not lose it and you can never get out of it, you have fallen in divine love.

The end.

False Twin Flames



False twin flames will create a false illusion of your twin flame and the union itself so you can never be with your true twin flame. There is no one like a false twin flame actually, the false twin flame is the energy you pull to yourself by being stuck into 3D patterns. The false illusions that are coming from the wrong belief systems about love and 3D concepts of the union.

Your false twin flame may give you false hopes of building a family together, having kids, sticking together, romantic voyages or they might just talk about it but never actually do anything about it. They might be making you live in a fantasy when they have no intention to spent their future with you. It is “the hope” that you can not let go is keeping you in the fake pattern of twin flames. Do not get confused, be alert of the negativity in this situation. Love yourself enough to get out of this false identity.

Let this be the week of celebration, let this be the week of liberty, let this week be the week of unconditional love, get rid of your narcissistic false twin and open your arms to the unknown, to your real twin, waiting for you to wake up from an illusion of how relationship should be.

Blessings from Mira

Making 3D mistakes in your 5D connection


Twin flame relationship is a 5D connection that will last lifetime ones it’s activated. The purpose of this connection is to shift your vibration to higher levels so you can evolve as a human being and with this evolvement, the people around you may also raise their vibrations.

The fundamental mistakes that we do, especially the feminine energy, tends to see this connection as a 3D relationship, which is not the case ever and never will be. So I wanted to address the common mistakes that we do during separation periods.

1- Using bad language in your text or e-mails. This is kind of a reflection of an inner anger towards yourself. Deal with it, do not put it on your twin flame. He/she did not leave you because of unlove, on the contrary, because of love itself.

2-Using agitation, “poor me” behavior in your language. While in communication, do not use the language of a victim, because you are not a victim, this is not a 3D relationship where you are abandoned, abused, procrastinated by your lover. This is a relationship of awareness, so just be aware.

4-Using mind games and manipulation tools against your twin. This might even go up to doing everything to get what you want “now”. This involves, stalking, seducing, lying, negotiating, blaming, love bombing and playing the innocent. Usually, twin flame masculine is an expert to detect this. So be careful.

5-Do not take advises from other people about your relationship. They most probably have no idea about a 5D relationship or why the other party is running, so do not assume.

6-Do not try to take a revenge, or act like the runner. Because this will make it worst and creates a vicious cycle that you will be in this loop forever. We call it the infinite loop until you awaken to your true divinity and unconditional love, then it becomes different for you.

7-Do not compare yourself with other people in your twins life. He does not have a  higher connection in his/her life than your connection with him. If you do not trust in that, why would he/she?

Many blessings from Mira




The Monad


The Monad, in its basic definition, means the one, the first, the simplest form of an element or organism. What I want to write about today is the soul monad and this picture is not a coincidence. This flower very much looks like the original monad where souls came from.

If you consider the center of this flower as a Monad, the petals are the souls extended from this monad, like we are all extensions of God itself. Although this flower has 19 petals, the original monad would have 12 extensions in the dimension we are talking about, in the upper dimensions the monad may become 16 and even more.

Each petal represents another soul coming from the source, the monad, the god. At the center, you can see seeds and some other elements. That is exactly what monad contains, like the atom of the soul, it contains feminine and masculine energies, like protons and neutrons and electrons negatively charged revolving around it. This monad 8-12-16-24…. has unlimited soul extensions. We are now talking about 12 extensions and also 12 extensions from one soul extension making 144 souls.

Assume that you are one of the petals of this flower, you would have 11 other people in your very best soul family and 144-1=143 people from your extended soul family. The inner circle would represent your near twins the extended group would represent your soul mates. You would have 6 feminines 6 masculines in your soul family.

The aim of the twin flames is to reach the Monad and return back to where they came from. This means the end of their soul evolution, the completion of the great cycle of reincarnation. It feels like coming home for some of us. This is why the twin flames are an important part of human evolution.

If this is your last incarnation to go back to the source, do not hurry, there are a lot of pleasures and joy on earth to experience before going home. Enjoy your blessing here with your twin flame, experiencing ones and last time of being a human on earth plane.

Blessings from Mira

The last flower in my garden


I love you with all my heart.

I love you the last yet eternally.

I love every single bit of you…

You are the last flower in my garden.

I love the scar that you showed me…

I have the same

I’ll be the best I can be and that’s all I can do

You’ll be the best you can because I’ll show you how to grow, how to be one and how to become whole.

I love you with every single bit of me.

From the eternal me to the eternal you

Love is here and there

As above, so below

Forever and eternally yours…

Mira to El