Trusting in your twin flame journey, trusting in yourself and on top of that trusting in your counterpart is the key for twin flame union.

Trust is the basis of any relationship, however, I know most of you fall into the trap of hopelessness. Do not hesitate about your twin flame journey. Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine will come to you in their own terms at the right time and place and you may not determine what is the best for yourself all the time.

The basic point here is to surrender, surrender to our twin flame journey, surrender to your inner transformation, you are becoming twin flames with your counterpart each and every day. You are one and the love you share is permanent.

Trust your counterpart that they are doing their best, trust your counterpart that they will never hurt you on purpose, trust your counterpart that they will come back to you over and over again

Trust that your twin flame will find you before you find them.


Mira and El

Twin Flame Nutrition 1

Nutrition is very important in a twin flames life. We are different as a soul, so different in our body as well. I do not have a profession on this subject but I would like to share with you the experience I have with my nutrition facts and my body. If it resonates with you, you are welcome. This could apply to twin flames as a whole.

1- Frequency: This is very important that you should avoid eating for hours from big plates. Divide your meal into small portions and eat frequently. If you are on a healing process your energies could be depleted easily. If you eat every 2 Or 3 hours on small portions you would not go crazy for carbs and sugar immediately.

2-Energy: Eat as much as raw food as possible. The foods that are exposed to sunlight and grow on the surface of planet earth helps you a lot. If you eat food that gives you the pure energy you will have fewer mood swings on your twin flame journey.

3-Grounding: If you are a higher dimensional twin flame then to be able to ground your energies on earth will take longer. To ground more easily you can choose from a spread of raw food developing under the ground like potatoes, carrot, onion, celery etc.

4- Ascension: if you are in an ascension process eat less and light. Do not go for red meat and heavy stuff. Eat white meat and especially seafood and raw veggies.

5- Teeth: Don’t forget the teeth…Please choose raw and hard foods for your teeth. You need a chewing power so grab an apple or a carrot and bite. Raw vegetables and fruits are good for twin flames and any other higher dimensional beings. You can also try nuts.

6- Liquids: Do not go for canned drinks if possible chose bottled drinks. If you can drink 2 liters of water in a day would be enough if you can not drink at least one. Use fresh filtered water or spring water. If you forget drinking set up a timer. Avoid too much coffee or tea that will make your energetic metabolism to imbalance.

Have a great day…



Twin Flame Soul Growth Journey

As time passes, we all evolve within given time frames. Everything is subject to change. This includes us, as human beings, on this rapidly changing planet.

You might be considering the twin flame journey as an end, however, every end is a new beginning. In fact, this journey is your ticket to heaven, your ticket to becoming your true self.

At the start of your journey, you have long forgotten your original self and the things you are capable of. You have been awakened by your twin flame who is only a reflection of who you are. Maybe you like this awakening, maybe you don’t,  but at the end, you have been  awaken to your true identity which is an image and reflection of your creator.

You might think that the journey ends somewhere, however it does not. There is no end to God’s creation. On the contrary,  we are the ones who is limited … God is eternal…

So when you think that you had enough of this world, open yourself to a new world… ascend to another realm. All is endless but remember you are the one who chooses your reality. Do not blame your creator…

Mira and El

Collective Union

I know you’ve been waiting for a long time for me to write something. I did not want to write anything without returning to you with a good news. As you know, we are all on our way to this twin flame journey for a long time and our faith is being tested day by day. You want to consider that there should be an end to this, and I agree, yes there should be.

You want a result that is special to you, you want to unite with your twin. However, considering the big picture, this is more complicated than you can imagine. There are twin flames, at each level, which has come to the stage of merging and has completed all the inner work that has to be done. These twins will be part of the collective union so if you do not like, not being with your twin, the solution is coming soon too.

I am talking about a collective union all over the world, and this merging process, which will reflect the first steps of the new age, is starting soon. Although we do not know yet how long this process will last, if you feel close to your twin lately, this is also a sign of this collective union. Thus, a new era will begin with this collective consciousness movement.

If you do not know who your twin really is, you can easily get through this process. If you have very clear decisions about who your twin is, or at what time and in what way, you should get united with your twin flame; you can be over-challenged in the process. We are always here to help the twins worldwide.

When you see your real twin, you will understand that the union can only come from God.

We wish success to all of you and all the realms.


Reaching the core


Reaching the core requires a full surrender to what is. This is the last phase of your twin flame journey where you become one with your creator and everything around you. When you reach your core everyone becomes your twin flame at least the people who are in the vibration of higher realms.

Reaching the core activates a lot of self-power and awakens your twin. By reaching the core you reach the twin within therefore the communication would be in a very fast phase and the alignment between the polarities will fasten up.

To be able to reach the core you need to surrender and let go of the control of who you are. Old habits, addictions, and personality disorders may prevent you from reaching your core. Once you reach the core, you gave rebirth to a true-self.

In twin flame relationships the final union may not come if you haven’t reached the core yourself. This is a phase where both twins have to complete on their own and the very reason for the separation period.

You can DO IT !!!

Mira and EL

Soul Structure

Twin Flames have different soul structure then souls who have reincarnated as a single soul. During your creation process, you have divided into two parts to form an avatar. Then you have started your journey separately yet together, in many realms.

Your soul family is an extension of your twin flame seed, and this is why they are called extended soul family. Your extended soul family is connected to you and you might be feeling their dark sides and fear. It is your duty also to help them clear their shadow side aspect so you can elevate and rise in your soul growth path.

Twin flames are divided into two on their descending process, some twin souls divide themselves into two in their ascension process in order to complete their journey easily and quickly.

You have 6 feminine energies and 6 masculine energies in your first-degree soul family after that comes the extended soul family, you are very much connected to each other like a network.

Do not forget that we are all one, your soul family may be spread throughout the entire world and do not ignore that lives of others who have wars in their country. They might be in your soul family.