Bipolar disorder and twin flame journey

Twin Flame journey with many ups and downs could put you in a roller coaster of emotions. This fluctuations in your emotional body may appear as a bipolar disorder at the surface. Maybe it is but the reason is not pathological. The reason is about the ascension process related to the twin flame journey.

Shall we happy if we are diagnosed as a bipolar one or usually two, not really although it shows that you are on the right soul path. How about the reflection of this fact in 3D? Maybe your friends will move away from you, maybe your twin flame thinks that you are crazy, maybe your family will be so sad. You don’t need to go through this.

So if you are diagnosed as a bipolar and on medication, I created a meditation just for this typical issue that you need to do every day, until the disorder totally disappears.  This meditation is quite advanced and serious and it works with right and left hemispheres of your brain along with the left and right side of the body, balancing it ones and for all, for good of all twin flames.

The first part of the meditation is the one that you have to do every day, the second part is the one that you have to do once in a while, the third part, however, is the one that you do just for once. All takes about 26 minutes… the first part is 13:33 min. This meditation will help you to balance your mood swings and inner turmoils. You might feel your twin flame is pulling apart however this is not true.

What will happen is… your lower energy body will detach itself from your twin flame and this is the part that causing imbalance, the twin flame connection is not a connection from a second chakra, so if you have connected yourself from this point to your twin flame, you need to let go of that cords to understand to true meaning and the unconditional love of twin flame journey.

Be ready to take a flight.


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Author: GOODSOUL LLC Amerika Menşeli bir kuruluştur. Bireysel ve Toplumsal Farkındalık Alanında Tüm Dünyaya Hizmet Vermektedir.

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